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One thing I love is when morons get schooled, and they can’t think of a comeback knowing they look stupid. So they just palm it off and say they can’t be bothered to justify themselves to ‘stupid’ people.

That thought cheers me up a little.

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And now the waterworks. Kewl, clearly I’m way too exhausted.

The one year I don’t get chocolate for easter I could really use it guyssssss.

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Losing followers over tuna. Sozboutit.

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this poor fish would have been over 25 years old and now it’s dead because people suck

He/she was murdered just so people can unnecessarily consume his/her flesh for no reason other than humans think they are above other creatures. Rest your soul big bubba.

Cause he’s so much different to the other thousands of things that get killed every day so humans can eat.Sharks and other sea predators eat tuna too, bet they’re not unnecessary and cruel for doing it. But ‘cause humans use a different tactic to catch their prey they’re in humane? Ok.I’m sorry but these captions are stupid.

sharks eat tuna because they’re SEA predators, you just said it yourself???? last time I checked humans aren’t equipped to hunt in the water lol

I also said myself that humans use different tactics to catch their food to a regular animal. Humans are omnivores, we eat meat and plants - and just like any other predator we find ways to eat. We’re not equipped to catch sea creatures naturally, you’re right. But humans have been using things such as spears for fucking centuries to catch fish to survive. If it wasn’t for these instinctual hunting methods we probably wouldn’t be around anyway.