I just moved back home with my parents,
I live in the middle of nowhere,
I am not getting where I want to with my job, even though I’m trying and it seems like it’s coming together sometimes.. It just isn’t.
I’m crushing (yes I’m 12 years old and using the word crushing cause I actually feel 12) on a guy 10 years older than me, who I am too scared to even look at in case he notices (and therefore probably making it 40 times worse)
I’ve quit smoking, wasn’t hard. But I’m
So hungry all the time and I’m blaming that.
I’m scared I won’t see my friends as much as I used to now that I live so far away.
I cried last night for the first time, perhaps this year?
Somehow all of this aside I think things are going my way? Not sure.




why is everyone in aladdin hot


my original statement stands

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